Shot Blasting

The concept of shotblasting is when the surface of a product is hit with a medium this could be used to remove corrosion, paint or mill scale and rust to prepare the surface with a good key finish for coating if required i.e. painting, powder coating, metal spraying and electro plating. Shotblasting can also be used to produce a surface finish, particularly on Stainless Steel or Aluminium.

There is a vast array of medias available, the right selection of abrasive plays a vital role in accomplishing the blasting process required. Abrasive selection depends upon the job materials, its condition before blasting, surface roughness required after blasting, rate of stock removal and subsequent operation after blasting. A careful selection of equipment and adjustment of blasting parameters are vital to achieve optimum blasting results.

The desired blast results can be manipulated by the correct selection of abrasive and optimum adjustment of pressure, nozzle size, nozzle distance from product and exposure time of blasting. As the size of the abrasive goes on increasing, the surface roughness production on the job will be coarser and vice versa. The nozzle size and its distance from the product shall effect the pattern width of blasting accordingly. With the decrease of pressure, the surface roughness produced is finer compared with increased pressure.



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